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Lawyer Michele Pagano

In memory of our beloved founder and director Michele Pagano, whose extraordinary vision, unwavering dedication and inspiring leadership shaped the course of our company, leaving us an indelible legacy of success and innovation.

Lawyer Eva Zechini

Eva Zechini is responsible for legal assistance in civil matters and tourist compensation for personal injury in Italy. Lawyer Zechini has 20 years of experience in cases related to litigation, she has demonstrated great ability in managing the entire network of lawyers and assistants throughout Italy for tourist legal assistance.

Lawyer Zechini is a highly experienced, committed civil lawyer with strong experience and deals with her in drafting subpoenas and complaints and in litigation; She is excellent at dealing with depositions as a plaintiffs’ attorney and has extensive experience obtaining compensation on behalf of clients. You have twenty years of experience in road accident litigation. She is an expert in researching the most significant jurisprudential cases, particularly judgments before the Court of Cassazione.

Lawyer Umberto Rossi

In the dynamic realm of civil law and litigation, an attorney stands out as a beacon of experience, expertise and unwavering commitment. With a career spanning over two decades, he has emerged as a seasoned legal professional, leaving an indelible mark on the legal landscape.

Throughout Lawyer Rossi’s illustrious career, his dedication to the principles of civil justice and excellence in litigation has been nothing short of exemplary. He is armed with extensive legal knowledge and an acute understanding of the complexities of the civil sector. Lawyer Rossi has become a trusted attorney for clients seeking to resolve complex legal issues.

One of the hallmarks of his business is his unparalleled commitment to customer success. With a reputation for providing personalized, strategic legal advice, he has guided clients through myriad challenges, earning respect not only for his legal acumen but also for his compassionate approach to each case

Attorney Pierangela Melito

In the vast and intricate world of law, few lawyers possess the breadth and depth of experience, dedication and passion that characterizes Lawyer Melito. With several years of service dedicated to criminal, civil and immigration law, the lawyer Melito stands as a reference of demonstrated legal ability, advocating for justice and navigating the complexities of different legal landscapes.