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How To Get Compensation For Accidents In Italy

We have considerable experience in handling motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians and vehicles. Italian legislation regarding road accidents and insurance is complex and continues to evolve with regulatory innovations. We have the experience and the structural and human resources to effectively represent your compensation request; we will ensure that you receive the fair compensation to which you are entitled. If you believe you have been unfairly damaged, we can help you obtain fair compensation. Typically, a compensation claim can be made when a person has been injured in an accident that:

  1. Has occurred within the last three years.
  2. It led to economic and physical suffering.
  3. It was caused by someone else.

We offer a free and impartial initial compensation consultation and can guide you through the entire process.

Three reasons why you need a lawyer in Italy:
  1. To bring a lawsuit in Italy it is necessary to work with a lawyer licensed to practice the profession.
  2.  You will have to rely on an Italian lawyer who has experience and knowledge of the Italian legal system and of other private entities operating in the legal sector. We work with experts in the field of accident reconstruction to collect and preserve the most necessary evidence.
  3. Our professionals have decades of experience in handling accident cases both in mediation and in court.

Our personal injury lawyers specialize in handling road accidents in Italy and other accidents where our clients are not responsible. Over the past two months, we have successfully obtained small to large value compensation claims, depending on the situation and the parties involved. If you have been involved in a road accident in Italy for which you were not responsible and you need an Italian law firm or an Italian lawyer to obtain compensation for the accident, we can help you.

What are the most common cases in which we can help you?

The term “personal injury accident” is very broad and the possibilities are many, with countless scenarios. However, some of the most common ones are car accidents in Italy, other road accidents, slips and falls in public places, medical negligence, accidents caused by defective products and others. Let’s take a closer look.

Road Accidents

Road accidents are a rather common event all over the world. In most cases, one party is solely responsible for the accident and the other (or others) must be compensated for the damage suffered. Our team of Italian lawyers is specialized in dealing with situations of this type.

Slips, trips and falls

Our Personal Injury Team can help you get compensation for an accident.

Slips, trips or falls are generally the most common injury cases we work with. They can cause serious injuries such as broken bones and back injuries. For example, if you fell in a public place due to a slippery floor or a broken step, it is possible that your injury was the result of negligence and could have been avoided by the owner of the place where you fell. Call us now to learn more about compensation after a slip, trip or fall.

Accidents At Work

Organizations and employers have a responsibility to make the workplace safe for their employees and if you think you are a victim of the negligence of others you can seek compensation.

Medical Liability

We have a separate team of Italian lawyers who specialize in handling personal injury incidents related to medical negligence. Considering that medical negligence is a broad area that can result in relatively smaller losses than loss of life, we believe that such matters should be examined by a specialized Italian law firm that fully understands the system. This will increase your chances of obtaining fair compensation for the accident from the negligent party or their insurer.

Accidents On Holiday

The possibilities for accidents on vacation are endless and it is the sole responsibility of the host to provide a safe recreational environment for visitors and tourists. In the event of accidents involving horse riding, swimming pools, hotels, skiing and other activities, you can get professional help from us if you believe the accident was caused by someone else’s negligence and carelessness.

 At What Stage Do You Need Us?

In some cases, both parties (or all parties if there are more than two) resolve the dispute outside of court through discussions and negotiations. In these situations, we can negotiate on your behalf and help you obtain fair compensation. If such negotiations and discussions fail, our Italian personal injury lawyers can attend and represent you in court to obtain the best possible compensation offer.

Legal Assistance For Road Accidents

When visiting Italy, driving around is the best way to see the city. However, if you are driving a car there is always the possibility of a road accident and, if by bad luck, you are involved in a road accident in Italy, you need to stay calm and know how to handle the situation .

Firstly, if anyone has been injured during the accident, it is absolutely necessary to call the ambulance and the relevant authorities by dialing 112. Do not interact in any way with the vehicles involved in the accident until the arrival of the police who assessed and drew up a report on the incident.

After calling all the necessary authorities and emergency services, take photos and note down the license plate numbers of the cars and the addresses, as well as the details of the insurance companies of the parties involved. If there are people who witnessed the accident, their telephone numbers, names and addresses are equally important. After the Italian authorities have arrived at the scene of the accident and have drawn up a report, read it carefully before signing it and ask for a duplicate which you will need to use for the compensation procedure.

It is possible to obtain compensation for the accident within a period of two years by submitting a damage compensation claim, by registered mail, to the insurance company and the other party. If the insurance company does not agree to pay the indicated amount for the damage, your only option is to go to court and file a lawsuit against the party who is responsible for the accident.
In most cases, many people tend to avoid going to court and submitting the form to insurance companies due to the complexity and details required. In these cases, our firm will provide you with professional assistance in compiling all necessary documentation and representing your case in court to ensure full compensation.
If you have been involved in a road accident in Italy and would like more information on the legal options available to you, call us today for professional guidance.

Common types of car accidents. Road accidents generally fall into the following categories:

  1. Accidents with pedestrians
  2. Cycling accidents
  3. Motorcycle accidents
  4. Accidents with passengers
  5. Car accidents

We can help you recover fair compensation for injuries sustained in car accidents caused by others.

Lawyer Specializing In Pedestrian Accidents

Traffic accidents involving pedestrians can be very dangerous and traumatic.

Especially if you have suffered a serious injury or a seriously debilitating accident, you may be concerned about your recovery and will also want to return to work as soon as possible to reduce lost earnings.

In this case we can help you ask for compensation to obtain justice for your accident and above all we can present a request for compensation for physical and moral damages for you.

With over 20 years of experience and a network of personal injury specialists in Italy, we can let you know if you have a compensation claim and can help you understand the amount of money you can ask for in compensation.

Contact us immediately for an initial free evaluation and to benefit from our “no Win no Fee” legal agreement. Immigration and criminal law cases are excluded if you are the perpetrator of the crime.” which protects you from any further loss of money.

The clause is to be assessed on a case-by-case basis and refers to those events of compensation for serious physical injury or medical liability. Immigration and criminal law cases are excluded if you are the perpetrator of the crime.

You can also claim compensation for injuries on behalf of someone else: for example, if your child was injured in a pedestrian accident, it does not mean that he cannot receive compensation just because he is under 18. TLA can help you file a compensation claim on his behalf.

We know how much of an impact a road accident can have on a person’s life and compensation can help ensure injured people get the help and support they need.

When one of our experienced attorneys negotiates your compensation, he works to make sure that all expenses and damages caused by the accident are covered so that you can begin to get your life back.

For example, if you have had to pay day-to-day expenses such as therapy, travel or have had to take time off work, we will make sure you are compensated for this. The money received will also be used to compensate you for damages to cover the impact of the injuries you have suffered and to help you forget this unpleasant event.

Other Accidents During Free Time

The TLA represents victims who have been injured at theme parks and tourist attractions in accidents caused by the negligence of others.

Italy has hundreds of theme parks and tourist attractions, and while these places offer fun and adventure to many, unfortunate accidents also happen.

In some cases these accidents could have been avoided. If you have been injured in a theme park accident, call us today to speak with an attorney who specializes in vacation accidents.

Claims take longer to settle in the civil liability sector than in property insurance, as these are often personal injury claims where medical treatment and rehabilitation take place over long periods of time.

For this reason, a specialized lawyer is needed to take care of the entire accident process.

During your compensation claim, the attorney will negotiate on your behalf and do everything possible to get you the maximum compensation you are entitled to.

Legal Assistance for Criminal Defense in Italy

Being charged with a crime in another state can be a very stressful experience. Laws and courts are different from state to state and you will need a lawyer who knows the judicial system in Italy. If you are on holiday in Italy and are accused of a crime, our defense lawyers will work diligently so that you can return home as soon as possible. TLA professionals have the experience, background and knowledge necessary to represent tourists accused of any crime.

A priority in any criminal defense case involving a tourist is ensuring that you can legally leave the country while your case is ongoing. Our firm understands the serious repercussions that criminal charges abroad can have on your life or that of a family member or friend and we will evaluate your case thoroughly.

Crimes Related To Tourism

TLA often deals with cases of tourists who, often unknowingly, carry out acts that could constitute one or more crimes.

We are available to assist you if you need criminal defense in Italy. Having handled thousands of cases for our clients, our attorneys are adequately competent to represent you as you navigate a stressful and difficult criminal case. Our team of criminal defense experts are available to assist and represent you during this difficult and challenging time.

Victim Of Crime

If the foreign person who is the victim of a crime thinks that the language barrier may interfere with his right to obtain compensation for the damage suffered during an Italian criminal trial, this belief may be wrong.

The injured foreign party, who has suffered damage as a result of a crime, can appear at trial through a special prosecutor.

In this case, it is generally the defense lawyer of the injured party who acts on behalf of his client. It will be sufficient to give the lawyer a special power of attorney drawn up in two languages (Italian and the language of the foreigner), which will authorize the prosecutor to participate in the trial in place of the injured person and to present the request for compensation for damages on his behalf.

Foreigners involved in criminal proceedings in Italy are very often not informed of their rights under Italian law.

Have You Been Arrested?

Whether for business or pleasure, visitors to Italy face many of the same risks that Italians are exposed to, so tourists can be involved in situations that could lead to criminal prosecution.

We are here to help you: You can immediately take stock of the situation with our criminal lawyer.

From the moment an event of criminal relevance occurs, every decision you make is important. Each choice can have a profound impact on the rest of your life. A criminal conviction has ripple effects that go beyond prison and fines. Even a conviction for minor crimes can appear in background searches carried out when applying for a job, for a public competition or when enrolling in a university or school.

The most important choice you can make is to find the right criminal lawyer who can practice in Italy for your case, who will protect you, protect your rights, and fight to help you obtain the best possible result. It is critical that you choose an attorney with the training and experience necessary to help you obtain justice in your case.

If you are suspected of a crime, whether you are innocent or guilty, you should be cautious and contact a criminal lawyer to get help as soon as possible.

Do not submit to an interrogation or other police procedure without the representation of your lawyer.

From TLA you may receive:

  1. consultancy and assistance in criminal proceeding
  2. legal assistance during any interrogation at the police offices
  3. fcomplete legal representation at all levels of judgement
  4. Penitentiary law – Temporary release, communication and visits to prisoners, exit permits, change of penitentiary centre, alternative measures to detention.


The Italian criminal procedure begins when the Police or the Public Prosecutor become aware of an fact that could be considered a crime. Some crimes require a complaint from the offended party in order to proceed. Others (the more serious ones) do not require any request from a party and the procedure is started automatically.

Once the crime has been registered in the crime register (RGNR), the investigation proceeds, the duration of which depends on the type of crime.

During the course of the same, the person who committed the crime and the injured party, supported by their lawyers or their technical consultants, can carry out defensive investigations, the result of which will be submitted to the judge assigned to the criminal proceedings.

Once the investigations have been concluded, the Public Prosecutor will decide whether to send the case to trial or present a request for dismissal to the Judge for Preliminary Investigations.

The suspect and the injured party can oppose the request for dismissal and, after the opposition, a hearing will be scheduled. In this case, the Preliminary Investigation Judge will determine whether it is necessary to carry out new investigations or close the case. In some cases, the Judge can also order the Public Prosecutor to formalize a charge against the suspect.

Italian criminal law allows the accused to request an alternative procedure for the settlement of the trial against her. Choosing an alternative procedure allows you to obtain a reduced sentence in the event of conviction.

Once the first level of judgment has been concluded, the Court issues a sentence which must be motivated and can be appealed by the accused (in case of conviction) or by the Public Prosecutor (in case of acquittal).

The injured party also has the right to appeal the sentence.

In Italy there are three levels of judgment: Court (with a collegial or monocratic structure), Court of Appeal and Court of Cassation (i.e. the Supreme Court).

Criminal Case we can help you with:

• Traffic crimes
• Alcoholism crimes
• Driving while intoxicated
• Violation of probation
• Solicitation of prostitution
• Accused of driving while intoxicated
• Road homicide and manslaughter
• Drug trafficking
• Smuggling and drug trafficking
•Offenses against road safety

European Arrest Warrant - Extradition

Deep knowledge of criminal execution in Italy and in the field of extradition and the European arrest warrant, as well as international judicial cooperation in criminal matters, with particular attention to the procedures relating to the European Investigation Order and those under the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office European Republic) in relation to crimes committed against the financial interests of the European Union (fraud, corruption, money laundering and cross-border VAT fraud).


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Our experience ranges from temporary visa application procedures to the more complex issues related to permanent immigration. We offer detailed advice for each stage of the proceedings, ensuring the correct compilation of documentation, the submission of appeals and legal representation in court proceedings, if necessary.

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